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"I was recently a victim of Identity Theft.  Long story short, I live in Florida.  A person showed up at a TD Bank in New York posing as me.  He had a fake Driver’s License that had my DL # and he had my SS#.  The teller suspected the ID was fake and called my office to verify that I was not in New York.  The theft was avoided, but I was pretty dismayed.  I recalled that I had a Freedom ID plan.  Boy was I glad. 
I simply called the number, they verified my membership and my representative, Stephen Isaacs was terrific.  He spent the next hour or so verifying that no credit accounts were opened in my name, he put fraud alert notices on all the credit bureaus and gave me a new sense of security. 
It’s been two months since the attack and Stephen has been diligent at following up to ensure my identity was not compromised.  Great thanks to Freedom ID and Stephen Isaacs.
Craig Beggins
CENTURY 21 Beggins Enterprises

Patricia Kemp
Patricia Kemp