CBR Breach Website Tools


Whether caused by simple employee error, the misuse of mobile devices, or even hacking threats from outside your organization, data risks are prevalent and ignorance of those risks is a recipe for disaster. This tool will help you recognize and gauge your company's vulnerability to a data breach, identify weaknesses in your organization's data security, and receive valuable tips and best practices on how to reduce risks.



Are your vendors protecting your customer's data? When it comes to privacy data protection, the risks to your business could come from every third-party vendor you work with. Use this tool to determine your risk propensity resulting from your business relationships and get advice on how to mitigate your risk.





Notification Navigator helps businesses as they create their breach response plan, delivering valuable insights and guidance on evaluating notification requirements for various scenarios. As your customers assess their data breach preparedness, Notification Navigator reveals requirements for notifying affected individuals regarding a security incident, and helps map out a swift and appropriate plan.