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You've likely not heard of the FreedomID brand name unless you are a group benefits provider. in 2010, FreedomID secured a partnership with IDT911 who is the nation's premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, resolution and education services. The company serves 17 million households across the country and provides fraud solutions for a range of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, several of the country's largest insurance companies, corporate benefit providers, banks, credit unions and membership organizations. Since 2005, the company has helped more than 150,000 businesses manage data breaches. This partnership allows us to offer FreedomID at discounted wholesale prices - which is a substantial savings from retail products. 

Recently, the company created a stand alone product for FreedomID that can be provided as a gift, benefit or as a fundraising tool. The vision was to be the quality leader AND cost leader in the Identity Theft Resolution Market. Further, the FreedomID gift product had to provide exceptional value to the gift recipient and the gift provider. Most of the identity theft products available retail today have to inflate their prices to compensate for exceptional advertising and endorsement costs. We decided not to include these costs and pass the additional savings along to you. 

Today, we continue to grow our products with employer benefit groups, associations, unions, fundraising organizations and independent professionals looking to have a unique client appreciation gift.

As a small company that began with just two people and a vision. We now have over 60 account representatives nationally that service our multiple sales channels. We are truly blessed to remain a family owned, small business, and are thankful for our valued clients and success.


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