FreedomID Preferred Client Program

Save Your Cash - Pay As You Go!

The Preferred Client Program accommodates your cash needs today, but provides a professional gifting program that allows you to personalize your message and branding to the recipient. We setup your account in the system, ship 12 gifts for you to have on-hand, and then you just pay when gifts are activated. As a bonus, this program includes one free activation, plus personal coverage for your family. Simple.

How It Works:


Choose one of the products below based upon the coverage you would like to provide your clients. The one-time Program Fee ($99-$129) is all you pay today. Your gifts are shipped in 5-7 days. 


When you want to activate a gift you will visit, and enter the recipient information. Your first activation is included in your program fee. So go ahead and activate a gift for  a client!


You get 12 gifts with your initial program fee. Reordering is simple - you only pay a small shipping charge to order 12 more gifts. You can call or order online. 


Each time you refer a new customer (that purchases gifts or individual coverage) we will give you a FREE Gift Activation. 

Choose from one of the products below. 

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