LifeStages™ Coverage Details


 Below is a list of services included in our LifeStages™ Identity Management coverage.

Proactive Services

When your personal data is compromised we can help you take preventative measures, such as placing fraud alerts, to help avoid identity theft.

Resolution Services

Recover from account takeover or identity theft with unlimited assistance to fix issues, handle notifications and provide credit and fraud monitoring for victims.

Document Replacement Services 

Replace lost, stolen or destroyed documents and identification and get help notifying government agencies and providers.

Expense Reimbursement Coverage 

Out-of-pocket expenses such as trip interruption, legal consultation, lost wages, etc. are covered in the event you experience identity fraud. See sample Coverage Policy for more details.

Child Identity Theft Support 

Invest in your children’s future by asking us to help protect their identities now, before they’re the victims of fraud or theft.

Tax Fraud Support 

Cut through taxing red tape and secure your refund with our expert guidance after crooks steal your social security number and file in your name.

Financial Fraud Support 

Reach out to us to protect your current and future credit from unauthorized account activity, account takeovers, and financial accounts opened in your name.

Military Identity Theft Support 

Protect your good name when you’re defending our country. We’ll work with you or an authorized relative to place an active-duty military fraud alert.

Medical Identity Theft Support 

If criminals use your personal data to commit medical fraud, we help you heal your identity and get back on your feet.

Travel Identity Theft Support 

Contact a fraud specialist to help replace your lost or stolen IDs, passports, visas and other documents no matter where you are on the globe.

Estate Identity Theft Support 

Keep the identities of deceased family members safe with help from our fraud experts, so fraud doesn’t come back to haunt you.


Break-In Recovery

Stop thieves in their tracks after a home, auto or boat break-in with assistance from our fraud experts to prevent use of compromised personal data.

Disaster Recovery

Recover following a natural disaster with ID and document replacement, access to financial institutions and communicating with family, friends or providers.

Employment Identity Theft Support 

We give pink slips to criminals who build their identities, careers, and Social Security credit using your personal information.

Email Compromise Assist 

Thwart, detect and recover from email hacking. Plus, get help managing your identity and privacy in your online communications.

Social Media Compromise Assist 

Get smart about managing your family’s reputation on social networks.

Phish Assist 

Sidestep phishing scams with our detection and recovery support when crooks try to steal your personal data, online usernames, passwords and credit card data.


System Protection Guidance 

Protect devices—tablets, computers and smartphones. Our fraud specialists will provide industry rated resources and options.

Breach Assist 

Respond swiftly, confidently and correctly when companies notify you that your data has been compromised. 

Assisted Living Fraud Support 

Lean on us for guidance in power of attorney and legal guardianship matters to assist with identity management and resolving fraudulent misuse.

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