Careers at FreedomID

Why Choose FreedomID?

A Career With A Future. A Company For Your Future.

We are not looking for employees. Rather we are seeking those who are motivated to turn a job into a career and then a career into wealth. 



  • Offer a necessary service with a history of excellence
  • Become a trusted advisor to your community thru multiple channels
  • Complete training, materials, continuing education
  • A proven sales and marketing strategy to implement
  • Supported independence and freedom
  • Get recognized for your hard work
  • Build a legacy not just an income

Opportunity Vs. Obligation

This business sector has only really existed for 10 years and as a benefit has only been offered to groups with thousands of members prior to 2015. This is a brand new opportunity that addresses the number 1 fear of American Consumers.

Market Share



Often opportunities come with building a brand or competing against the market leader or joining the leader after they have built a large business which limits the upside available. Our opportunity offers the ability to join the Market Share leader and be at the beginning of distribution to a channel. Not very often do real ground floor opportunities exist.

A traditional sales organization would typically have multiple layers of managers and trainers a representative would be reporting to. The structure would look like that of a pyramid. The higher you are on the pyramid the more your compensation can be. We are not a traditional sales organization. We are not a MLM or a franchise company either.

We offer Area Reps complete control of their earning power. Regardless of who, where or how you were hired, everyone earns on a level playing field. Simply, the more your monthly recurring billing, the more you earn and your income share increases. You will not be slowed by a company structure that limits your future income possibilities.