Co-Branding Your FreedomID Gifts

Did You Know....

that 7 out of 10 customers say they would give a referral but unfortunately only 1 of 7 actually do? The problem -  remaining at "top of mind" of your clients! 
Unlike most gifts that are static or consumable, FreedomID automatically keeps you in-front of your client by including your co-branding on newsletters, alerts and safety reminders! 

Key Features:

  • Co-Branded Gifts 
  • Co-Branded Electronic Member Messages
  • Your Personalized Message Included
  • Professional Co-Branding Design Set-Up Is Included
  • Approximately 36 Exposures 
  • Includes Disclaimers
  • Exceptional Email Open Rates.

Download Newsletter Example  |  Download Member "Minder Example  |  Download Member Alert Example

 FreedomID Newsletters, Alerts and Reminders are informational only!

They are non-selling & non-threatening. 


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