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LIVE Expert Identity Fraud Resolution Service

Lost Wallet/Document Replacement (Includes International Travel)

Personalized Monthly News and Best Practices

Personalized Data Breach Notification

Expense Reimbursement Coverage ($25,000 Aggregate)

Unlimited Service Guarantee

Past ID Theft Issue Resolution (No Reimbursement)

Reduced Credit Card Offers

Fictitious Identity Monitoring

Black Market Monitoring

Credit Card Number(s) Monitoring

Bank Account Number(s) Monitoring

Medical ID Number(s) Monitoring

Email Addresses Monitoring

Drivers License Number Monitoring

Social Security Number Monitoring

Web Identity Monitoring

Credit Inquiry Alerts

Online Annual Tri-Bureau Credit Report 

Online Annual Tri-Bureau Credit Score

Social Security Number Trace

Pay-Day Loan Scam Alert

Credit Score and Alerts

Sex Offender Registry Reports

Public Records Monitoring

Court Records Monitoring

Monthly FAMILY Cost (Voluntary)*

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★ = Unique to FreedomID compared to other identity theft products available. 

*Employer Withheld Only. Minimum $50/mo billing to qualify for rates.

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