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You can address the #1 concern of American's according to Gallup

For Less Than You Spend on a Typical Gift Card!

FreedomID was developed in concert with real estate, accounting, financial and mortgage professionals to provide something to your client that shows you really care, and creates a lasting memory of you for years to come. It provides an excellent value to the recipient and to YOU as an independent professional.


See How FreedomID Works For:

 Your Client

  • Coverage Includes Entire Household
  • UNLIMITED Expert Resolution/Restoration Services
  • Expense Reimbursement Coverage
  • Lost/Stolen Wallet Document Replacement
  • Proactive Services
  • Monthly News, Best Practices & Alerts
  • Same Coverage is $110/yr with LifeLock


  • Co-Branding on Physical Gift 
  • Co-Branded Electronic Member Messages
  • Your Personalized Message Included
  • Have Gifts On-Hand or We Can Send For You
  • All Co-Branding Setup is Included
  • Perfect for Closing and Prospecting
  • Affordable Alternative to Static or Consumable Gifts

Additional Features:

  • Backed by Award Winning IDT911 Fraud Expert Services - over 45 million covered! 
  • Lasting coverage for 12 full months
  • Flexible purchase options 

Why FreedomID as a Gift For My Clients?

 Just Compare FreedomID to your Typical Gift Card

  • Poor First Impression
  • Purchased Anywhere
  • One-N-Done
  • Not Very Original
  • Doesn't Promote You
  • Client May Believe Value Too Low
  • Consumed and Forgotten

  • Premium Gift Box
  • Highly Unique 
  • Coverage for 12 Months
  • Shows Thoughfulness
  • You Are Co-Branded
  • Retail Value of $110/yr
  • Provides Ongoing Value

HUGE Bonus!!! - Be Remembered!

Did You Know....that 7 out of 10 customers say they would give a referral but unfortunately only 1 of 7 actually do? The problem -  remaining at "top of mind" of your clients! 

Unlike most gifts that are static or consumable, FreedomID automatically keeps you in-front of your client by including your co-branding on newsletters, alerts and safety reminders! 

Fraud Resolution Services are Provided by Award Winning IDT911


Don't be surprised if you have not heard of FreedomID™ - the product is not a "retail" brand that is heavily advertised. Rather, the product was designed for employee group benefits and for independent professionals. Therefore, we pass the significant savings along to you! 

  • Backed by Award Winning IDT911, one of the nation's leading identity fraud resolution providers with over 45 million members and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating!
  • Founded in 2010 FreedomID has been providing identity theft protection products to groups.
  • Growing Fast - We now have 40+ Area Sales Agents across the country. We are seeing expansive growth in all sectors of business.
  • Exceptional Service is our focus and our fraud experts consistently achieved 99% customer satisfaction awards for the last 4 years. 
  • Simple to use. You can order gifts to have on-hand or we will ship the product direct to your client on your behalf. 



The simple fact is that every family in the USA should have this coverage because if it has not happened to you - it is just a matter of time. On average it takes 22 hours and thousands of dollars to restore your good name after it's been compromised. Let's just look at the facts from 2015...

  • 169 million personal files were compromised. -
  • 1 in 5 employees were a victims. Eastbridge Research
  • 89 million medical records were compromised. -
  • An identity is stolen once every two seconds. - Federal Trade Commission
  • It is now the #1 fear of Americans. - Gallup

What is included with FreedomID Identity Theft Coverage?  

FreedomID is a comprehensive identity management protection product.

Some Key Features:

  • Expert Fraud Resolution Services
  • Lost/Stolen Document Replacement Services
  • Personal Expense Reimbursement Coverage
  • Personal Devices Assistance
  • Monthly News, Alerts, Tips and Advice
  • Proactive Services and Advice
  • 12 Months of Monitoring Services for Fraud Victims


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