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  • In 2014 over 12.7 million New Consumers Experienced a Fraud Event - That’s one every 2 seconds
  • According to a recent Gallup Poll, Identity Theft is the #1 fear of Americans today.
  • Over 40 million dollars per day is lost in fraudulent events1
  • 904 Million Records were exposed by data breaches in 20142


  • Only 1 of 678 will be diagnosed with invasive cancer3
  • Only 1 in 409 will have a life insurance claim4
  • Yet 1 in 5 has already or will experience identity fraud 5

What's interesting is that while it’s American's #1 fear – less than 20% of people have protection. Voluntary benefits are great but often ignored because "that won't happen to me".

For less than one of hour of a typical employees wage you can provide an employee's family with FreedomID for the entire year!

FREEDOMID Lifestages - Family Coverage You Can Count On.

    • Coverage is for the entire family!
    • Award Winning Fraud Resolution Services
    • Expense Reimbursement Insurance*
    • Underwritten by the largest commercial provider in the country – over 17 million households covered
    • Includes Personal Devices and lost/stolen wallet coverage.
    • Extremely cost competitive - As low as $3.00/mo Per Family
    • Compare to retail products that cost $17.98/mo!

- No other service provider can or will provide your employees with depth of coverage for less. 

-  We never sell your employees data, they will never receive any additional offers only 24/7 Household protection provided by you.

PLUS – every newsletter, service report and breach alert includes your special message and logo (See below) reminding them that you provided the benefit.

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If you would like more information or a group quote, please contact:

Cindy Rieger

(636) 537-5037



1. 2015 Data Protection and Breach," Javelin Strategy & Research, 2015. 2. 2015 Data Protection and Breach. Online Trust Alliance. Pre-Release Draft (January 29, 2015) Based on first nine months of 2014. 3. SEER Cancer Statistics Review, 1975-2012, National Cancer Institute. Bethesda, MD,, based on November 2014 SEER data submission, posted to the SEER web site, April 2015. 4. National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 63, Number 9, Table 3. Published 10/28/2014. 5. Eastbridge Consulting Group, 2015