FreedomID Gifts FAQ

Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding FreedomID Gifts


Q.) Why is FreedomID so inexpensive compared to other brands of Identity Theft Protection?

A.) FreedomID is not a retail brand that has significant advertising and endorsement costs. We only provide FreedomID to groups  - such as employee benefits and B2B such as gifts for independent professionals. Therefore, you benefit from wholesale group pricing that does not have significant marketing costs. 


Q.) Does FreedomID provide the actual identity management services?

A.) No. FreedomID provides the delivery, distribution, member communications, gift packaging and customer service. IDT911 is our award winning service provider for all identity management services. Learn More about IDT911.


Q.) LifeLock says they have a $1,000,000 service guarantee, how does FreedomID compare?

A.) FreedomID has an UNLIMITED service guarantee - a fraud specialist will work to resolve your case no matter how much it costs or how long it takes. 


Q.) What if my client forgets to activate their coverage?

A.) We understand that closing on a house is stressful - so of course people will forget to activate their gift. If you complete the Gift Registration Form we will send them a friendly email reminder three weeks after the gift was provided to the recipient. If the gift is still not activated we will send a second reminder one week later. And finally we will send a postcard reminder if there still is not an activation. 


Q.) How does the Co-Branding work for me?

A.) We handle the design of your co-branding. You simply complete the New Client Setup form and we do the rest for you! Your co-branding is included on:

  • Gift Box or Card
  • Newsletters
  • Member 'Minders
  • Member Fraud Alerts


Q.) What happens after the 12 months of coverage expires?

A.) Your client has the option of renewing the service for another 12 months at your discounted rate of $34.70 for the entire household. Your branding stays with all member communications as long as your client is an active member of FreedomID. 


Q.) Do you sell or share my client's information to a third party for marketing. 

A.) NO. We do not sell or share your information or your client's information. Period.


Q.) Can I change my special message for each gift?

A.) That depends! If you have the gifts in your possession then the message on the back stays the same. If you elect to have us send the gift to your client on your behalf, each gift's message can be customized. 


Q.) If I have FreedomID send the gift on my behalf, can you send my client a notification that it's coming?

A.) Yes - when you complete the Send A FreedomID Gift form the program will automatically generate an email to your client that include a special message from you!


Q.) How long has FreedomID been in business?

A.) FreedomID has been in business since 2010, our service provider IDT911has been in business since 2001. The product has been available as a group benefit and as part of the gift product Life in a Box. 


Have additional questions? Contact us at (888) 820-5959! We are happy to help you!.