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Protect a Family to Feed a Family Campaign

At SouthWest, we welcome and support members of our community who wish to improve their lives. We are actively involved in providing food security for local children, families and seniors. We link people with the services and resources they need to break isolation and learn to help themselves.

SouthWest United Church and Mission is rooted in a Christian faith which calls us to seek out the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised and welcome them without judgment into a transformative experience of community.

Part of our function at Southwest United Ministries is to raise enough funding that we can purchase the necessary food items and medical needs to take care of underprivileged families and children.

We have partnered with FreedomID to protect our parish families and raise funds to feed local children, families and seniors. 

Why Identity Fraud Protection?

According to a recent Gallup Poll, Identity Fraud is the #1 concern of American's above all other crimes. When considering that 169 million personal records were compromised in 2015, people should be concerned. The fact is, identity fraud occurs once every two seconds - and the problem is getting worse. 




Why did we choose FreedomID?

The Best Core Coverage, The Best Price, and The Best Share % with us - Protect a family, feed a family!

  • The coverage is underwritten by IDT911, one of the largest identity theft resolution providers in the USA with over 45 million lives covered.
  • You can get one year of family coverage for $59.00 - that is a significant savings over LifeLock Basic and Plus (Family Plans). 
  • FreedomID is giving back 42% of the purchase price to Southwestern United Ministries!


What do you get?

FreedomID provides you with 12 Full Months of FAMILY Coverage that includes:

$55.00 per Family per YEAR. 

  • UNLIMITED Expert Resolution and Restoration Services
  • Lost or Stolen Document Replacement Services
  • Expense Reimbursement Coverage ($25,000 Aggregate Limit)
  • Fraud Victims Receive FREE Intelligent Monitoring Services
  • Fraudulent Withdrawal Coverage ($25,000 Aggregate Limit)
  • Personal Device Assistance
  • Monthly News, Alerts and Reminders

    How does it work?

    Simple! You can purchase 1 Year of Family coverage for less than 50% of the cost of typical retail products, and FreedomID will donate 42% of your purchase price back to SouthWest United Ministries. You can buy for your family, buy for another family or both! Just click below to Feed a Family and Protect a Family!