Preferred Partner Program


The perfect solution for professionals who want co-branded gifts but don't have money to spend on expensive minimum orders and don't want to pay for gifts their clients don't actually use.

Quite simply - there is NOTHING LIKE IT available today.



  • No More Worry Before Closing! Closings can be chaos and time is precious. Choosing a meaningful gift takes time you don't have. This program insures you always have gifts in stock - just grab one and head out the door!
  • You Have Gifts On-Hand But Don't Pay Until They Are Activated! That's right! When you actually give the gift is when you pay for it - just like picking up a gift card! No more buying lots of gifts upfront so you can have your co-branding. Save Your Cash!
  • If Your Client Doesn't Activate - It's FREE! Simple as that - if your client doesn't activate their FreedomID Gift of household coverage you don't pay a dime. 
  • When you need more - just let us know! We will always make sure you have gifts on-hand, and you don't have to pre-pay for anything.


  • Step 1: You ONLY pay $174 which covers your co-branding design set-up, order processing and shipping the 12 pack of your choice. 


  • Step 2: You give the gifts to your clients! Perfect for closings and referral partners. 


  • Step 3: When your clients (or you) activate the gift (FreedomID Household Coverage for 12 months)  you are charged for the gift within 3 business days. If they don't activate - you never pay!


  • Re-Ordering: We will send you another pack when you need more gifts on-hand. Allow 5-7 days to process your order. You don't pay anything until you give the gifts and you client uses them!


FreedomID Gift Box - 12 Pack



FreedomID Gift Cards - 12 Pack

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FreedomID Gift- Combo Pack