FreedomID Small Business Services: Monthly Subscription

ONE Plan   ONE Price   ONE Solution


Family ID Theft Protection for Employees

  • Family Coverage Standard
  • 24/7 Priority Live Support
  • Bilingual Specialists
  • Award Winning Resolution Center
  • Lost/Stolen Document Replacement
  • Compromised PC/Tablet/Smartphone Support
  • Compromised Email/Social Media Support
  • Past Issues Resolved
  • Child ID Theft
  • Tax ID Theft
  • Medical ID Theft
  • Monthly News and Tips
  • FREE Monitoring for Fraud Victims
  • My Member Perks Discounts & Rewards
  • $25k Expense Reimbursement1

1Aggregate limit. See policy for coverage details.


Commercial Breach Readiness 

Expert Proactive & Resolution Services

  • Emergency Breach Hotline
  • Breach Prevention Guidance
  • Employee Education Module
  • Data Breach Response Plan Template
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation Calculators
  • Exclusive Knowledge Center & Resource Website Access
  • Breach Severity Identification and Guidance
  • Alerts, Industry News and Updates
  • Expert Breach Regulatory Compliance Guidance Reduces Exposure
  • Customer and Public Relations Response Guidance
  • Resolution Services for Breach Victims at Preferred-Direct Rates If Required By Compliance.
  • Discounted Data Backup Services

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